1. holy shit change my password whaat is going on whaa!


  2. slow-riot:

    Has anyone else ever seen these pictures of Jerry Seinfeld or am I slowly losing my mind to the infinite void of Bee Movie?

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  3. serious question- can you think of any animal that isn’t symmetrical?
    the more i think about it the more it freaks me out.. like

    why are they all symmetrical?

  4. queerpunkhamlet:



    those damn teenage girls with their selfie culture

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  5. Vincent Van Gogh, detail of View of Paris

    mauve all over rolling down and over the cliffs of dover head over heels into the clover

    mauve all over

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  8. ecstasysmom:

    Hearing a new song from your favorite band for the first time

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  10. t-shock:

    A two colour screen designed for Damn Fine Print’s exhibition ‘Sounds Damn Fine’ which featured 30 screen prints inspired by music. My Print is inspired by the Talking Heads song ‘Once in Lifetime’.